Self-paced training, in addition to 6 hours live on ZOOM, June 7, 2024 with Dr. Dixon!

  1. Complete self-paced training before live Zoom.
  2. Attend both ZOOM sessions on live date.

ZOOM schedule:

9am-12pm CST: ZOOM morning session

12pm-1pm CST: Break

1pm-4pm CST: ZOOM afternoon session

Earn 12 BCBA Learning CEUs.

Experience an amazing blend of live and on-demand training with Dr. Dixon. Participate live in ACT and AIM lessons, get questions answered and be part of a dynamic digital learning environment. Move between larger workshop style training and small breakout rooms where you work together and build and practice ACT lessons. Talk about scope of competency and practice. Join in conversations with seasoned AIM users on the successes and challenges implementing AIM at individual, classroom and entire school levels. Hear from parents, BCBAs, and teachers all live during the webinar!

Learning Objectives: In this AIM training, participants will be able to: 

1. Describe the general history of mindfulness and how it evolved in the western world.

2. Explain how a behavioral conceptualization of mindfulness can be operationalized.

3. Describe some of the physical and psychological health benefits of mindfulness, and the distinctions between objective measurable dependent variables relevant for behavior analysts, and constructs that should be avoided.

4. Provide a detailed description of the ACT model and its roots in empirically-based work on derived relational responding.

5. Explain the 6 core ACT processes and how a behavior analyst can operationally define and gather data on each process.

6. Understand the basic theoretical foundations of the AIM Curriculum.

7. Provide detail on how AIM incorporates contingency management into its intervention process.

8. Describe the role of functional assessment and functional consequences that are necessary for utilization in 1:1 intervention protocols, classroom based interventions, and adaptations necessary for full school interventions.

9. Implement AIM Curriculum therapeutic exercises in a group setting.

10. Develop behavior management and social-emotional interventions individualized for specific service delivery settings.

11. Complete and interpret various AIM Curriculum data collection forms, treatment integrity evaluations, and progress monitoring assessments.

12. Explain clearly how to integrate mindfulness, ACT, and ABA intervention in service delivery for children and adolescents.

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Course Curriculum

Dr. Mark Dixon, BCBA-D

Dr. Dixon is the author of PEAK and AIM, along with over 200 peer reviewed journal articles. Mark's research and/or expert opinions have been featured in Newsweek, Time, The New York Times, National Public Radio, This American Life, Bill Nye Saves the World, a New York Times best seller, and regional affiliates of ABC, CBS, and PBS.

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