Canvas training is an on-demand 3 hour course. After you complete the training you can meet the author and ask questions on one of her monthly live Zoom sessions.

The Canvas certification training is delivered by Canvas author and artist, Natasha Bouchillon, MS, BCBA. This 3 hour BACB CEU available training provides a comprehensive package to equip behavior analysts, teachers, therapists, and caregivers with a foundational knowledge of Canvas and its scientific underpinnings. This training will provide all professionals and caregivers with an appropriate level of understanding to implement and adapt the Canvas curriculum to their unique needs.

Training Objectives

Learning Objectives:


● Describe general history of art behavior and how it could be applied in skills-based treatment and behavior therapy

● Describe how art can be operationally defined.

● Describe psychological and cognitive benefits of art in skills based treatment and behavior therapy.


● Understand the basic theoretical foundations of the Canvas curriculum.

● Describe a detailed description of the Creative Expansion model and its roots in empirically-based work on derived relational responding and RFT.

● Explain the 4 domains of Creative Expansion and how a behavior analyst can operational define and gather data in each area.

● Apply creative relations in intervention programs


● Conduct Canvas assessment with children with Autism, ADHD, or other learning delays.

● Demonstrate the ability to design and implement the curriculum according to treatment goals.

● Operationally define creative behavior in relation to a child's treatment goals.

● Describe and provide examples of how to collect data using the Canvas data system.

● Explain the importance of systematically training creative expansion and flow as an operant.

● Describe the role of assessment and treatment integral to utilization in various settings: school, therapy settings, or home setting.

● Complete and interpret various Canvas curriculum data collection forms, integrity evaluations, and progress monitoring assessments.

● Explain clearly how to integrate Canvas in service delivery with other treatment modalities or curricula and by child’s current level and age group.

Example Curriculum

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About the author

Natasha is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Artist with an art career for over 17 years. Natasha has enjoyed a successful career as a painter and illustrator, having worked with companies like Ford Motor Company, Mashable, MySpace, and Fox Pictures, art licenses in major retail box companies, and over 1000 originals in private and corporate worldwide since 2004. Her story and work has been featured in major publications and television and has acted as a guest speaker around the country training artists on development and execution. Her work is referenced in New York Time’s Best-selling “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuck, among others. In addition to this, she is the author of several books including, “How to Be an Artist”, “The Artist Blueprint Plan”, “Charlotte Lively and The Not-So-Wicked Witch”, “The ABA Exam Prep Coloring Book” VOL 1 & 2, as well as the children’s book, “I Want to Be a Behavior Analyst”. Her newest publication, "Canvas: A Behavior Analytic Art Curriculum" was developed out of her passion for the arts and its potential use in cultivating self expression and functional skills for children of all ages and abilities. Natasha holds an undergraduate degree in BS Applied Psychology from the University of Michigan, an MS in Psychology / Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University, and continues her studies and research towards her Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis, with a focus on Sustainability behavior.