12 BACB Learning CEUs Available

This 12-hour and BACB CEU available training provides an engaging journey through the scientific underpinnings of PEAK, showcases the research on PEAK, explains the entire assessment process, details the assessment-to-treatment process, and finally walks through multiple examples of how to run PEAK treatment programs.  

​Many video demonstrations, commentaries on balancing PEAK & other ABA care, integration in schools or home/clinic based programs, getting staff buy in, and how to start using this amazing assessment and intervention system right now.

Learning Objectives 

Describe and provide examples of relational frames of language 

Apply stimulus equivalence research in intervention programs 

Apply relational frame theory research in intervention programs 

Explain and provide examples of derived relational responding and stimulus equivalence 

Conduct PEAK assessments of language and cognition in persons with autism 

Demonstrate the ability to design a comprehensive language and cognition-training curriculum for children with autism based on assessment results 

Describe how the four learning modalities of the PEAK Relational Training System are similar and different 

Describe and provide at least 1 example of research study conducted on the PEAK Relational Training System 

Describe and provide an example of how to collect data using the PEAK Data System 

Explain the importance of systematically training generalization as an operant 

Explain the importance of systematically training derived relational responding as an operant 

Explain the purpose of “test” trials

Summarize the peer-reviewed research on PEAK

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to PEAK Level 1 Training
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  PEAK History, Overview, Data, and Assessment
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  PEAK Interventions
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  PEAK Peer-Reviewed Papers
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  End of Class Survey
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Hi, I’m instructor, Dr. Mark R. Dixon. I am the author and developer of PEAK. In this class you will see and hear from me for a total of 12 hours as I describe the history, research and implementation of the PEAK Relational Training System.

Dr. Dixon has authored over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, 10 books, and 1000 presentations around the globe. He has been the editor or associate editor for many of the premier scientific journals in behavior analysis. Dr. Dixon's research and/or expert opinions have been featured in Time Magazine, Newsweek, The New York Times, NPR's This American Life, and Netflix's series "Bill Nye Saves the World."

Most importantly however is that Mark is an exciting and engaging presenter who makes this online training come to life in a fun and entertaining way.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Level 1 BCBA attendee

I'm changing everything I do in my practice now!

Level 1 BCBA attendee

Absolutely amazing training.

Level 1 Teacher attendee

My entire classroom has improved since implementing PEAK